What is MAST?

MAST is an acronym for “Multi-dimensional Analytical and Simulation Tool”.

In the middle 1990’s I was working with one of the major telephone companies and they found that it was extremely difficult to analyze their data – it often took months for them to answer what seemed like a simple question, because programmers had to develop special purpose code (which can take a LONG time) to answer seemingly basic questions.

They asked me if I could build a product that would answer the questions.  I agreed to do so at very low cost, under the condition that I would own the product.  That is how MAST came into existence and why I have it.  Given that telephone data consists of accounts with many phone calls associated with them, and census data consists of households with many people associated with them, and that all of them (accounts, phone calls, households people) have both volumetric and dimensional data, MAST is a very powerful tool for analyzing census data.

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