The PUMS 5 year file (2009-2013) contains all of the USA and Puerto Rico.  But suppose you don’t want to analyze the whole thing?  If you just want the USA, you can include the dimension H_USA_PR, which will split the tabulation into two sections: USA and Puerto Rico.  The tabulation will be twice the size you wanted, but it’s no big deal, you can just ignore the half that you don’t want.

But what if you want to look at one value of PUMA10, so you dimensionalize on PUMA10 and State (which is necessary, because PUMA numbers are duplicated across states).  Now your tabulation is 2,378 times the size that you wanted.  Making tabulations unnecessarily large causes a few problems.  Today I’m going to show you how to avoid unnecessarily large tabulations.

The Census Bureau has defined 4,544 different geographical areas, spread over 5 different data items.  There are:

  1. 5 Regions
  2. 10 Divisions
  3. 52 ‘States’ (two of which are DC and PR)
  4. 2099 PUMA00s (PUMAs as defined in 2000)
  5. 2378 PUMA10s (PUMAs as defined in 2010)

The Region, Division, and State names are identical to the values given in the census bureau documentation, so if you wanted to analyze just Pennsylvania, you can search on “Penn” in the search window, and a product called “Pennsylvania/PA” will appear.  Add it to the cart, and if you don’t add any other geographies, your tabulation will include only Pennsylvania data.  You can add other states, or regions, or divisions, or PUMAs if you want a larger area.  If you were to add Pennsylvania, and 6 PUMAs in Pennsylvania, the PUMA additions will have no effect, because you have already included all the Pennsylvania data.  If instead, you add 6 PUMAs from the neighboring states, you have created a custom geography that includes PA plus some of the surrounding area (if you do, remember to consider both PUMA00 and PUMA10).

The PUMA products are labeled in this format:

PUMA#0 SS #####

where PUMA#0 is either PUMA00 or PUMA10.  SS is the state designation, such as AL, AK, MD, etc.  ##### is the 5 digit PUMA assigned by the census bureau, such as 00100.

So if you wanted PUMA10 100 from New York, you would search on:

PUMA10 NY 00100

and add it to the cart.

Geographies can be added to the cart at any time during shopping.  Like the dimensions and volumes, the order of addition to the cart has no bearing on your tabulation.




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