HELP! I just ran a 6 dimensional tabulation with “Gateway To MAST” and my boss told me to prove that the numbers are correct!!

Ok, you can’t find any other site that can duplicate or support the numbers that you just generated. Don’t panic. There’s actually a pretty easy way to verify the numbers.

Pick two of the dimensions. Go to DataFerrett ( This is the Census Bureau’s online custom tabulation tool. If you don’t know how to use it, go to youtube. There are several tutorials on it. Take the two dimensions that you picked, and use them to create a custom tabulation in Data Ferrett. Make sure you are using the 2014 ACS PUMS data.

Now take the 6 dimensional tabulation that you got from Gateway To MAST, and use the ‘pivot tables’ feature of your spreadsheet program to collapse out all but two of the dimensions. This will add the volumes together across the dimensions (except for person level household counts, LoVal and HiVal – as a general rule, they cannot be added together).

The numbers from the collapsed tabulation should be identical to the numbers from DataFerrett. You’ve just verified two of the dimensions.

Repeat for two other dimensions, and verify those, and so on.

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