OneGuyOnTheInternet is expanding: Bible Annotator has been published is expanding today! This site has always been about easy access to ACS data, and it still is, but starting today the site will also be used for support of Bible Annotator.

Bible Annotator allows you to deeply explore and understand the Bible by creating notes on passages, ranking passages (0-5 stars), and linking and tagging passages.

The primary function is to keep your recent Bible readings fresh in your mind by bringing up your most recent annotations on demand. This allows your to use your phone (or other android device) in a constructive manner when you have a spare moment. Open Bible Annotator, and the most recently made notes (and relevant verses) will pop up in order of time. After reading a few, you can click on the current one that you are reading, and next time you open it, it will start at that point.

You can also link passages in the Bible, connecting (e.g.) prophecies with fulfillments, or events in one gospel with the same events in another gospel. And, when there is a topic that you are particularly interested in, you can create a tag, and tag all passages that relate to that topic, and view the tag and all connected passages when you desire. When you want to put a passage in context (when viewing it from Recent Passages, Links, or Tags) , simply select a verse in the passage, and then click the ‘go to’ prompt, and you will be presented with the entire chapter that contains that passage.

Working with the Bible this way preserves its original state as a linear document, but also allows it to be viewed as an interconnected web, with passages connecting to other passages in different books and chapters. In creating the connections, you will learn the Bible much better than before, and in using the connections as you view the notes and connections that you have made, you will gain a yet deeper understanding of it.

Those of you who know me can contact me and get a promo code for a free download, otherwise it is $3.

There is a 4 minute intro video here, and for those who are still interested after the intro, there is a 14 minute tutorial here.

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