Bible Annotator 2.0 Released Today!

One of the reasons that I wrote Bible Annotator was to prevent loss of notes. When I used to write notes in a paper Bible, after a few years the Bible would fall apart. I could either send it to a book binder for repair (which was expensive and time consuming without my Bible, and it would still fall apart again later), or start making notes all over again, or laboriously copy countless notes from the old Bible to a new one. None of these options were very attractive to me.

So I wrote Bible Annotator in order to preserve them electronically, along with cross-referencing and linking them in ways that are impossible with paper. But eventually my phone will die, and I didn’t want my notes to be lost. Also there’s the possibility that I might want to switch to a different platform at some point. The obvious solution was to have a backup outside of the phone, a backup that could be read by a variety of software products.

Bible Annotator 2.0 allows just that. It does all that 1.0 and 1.1 did, plus you can back up your data (notes, links, tags, and stars) to an outside area such as Google Drive or a removable SD card. It writes all of your information from the database into a simple .txt file that can be read with any word processor. Caveat: because of the ‘flat’ nature of a text file, as opposed to the interlinked nature of a database, humans would have difficulty reading it. I chose this format because it is as basic as data storage gets, and it should still be valid many years into the future. Were it stored as a database file, the database program would have to still be available to read it.

One other thing that 2.0 does is that it allows all passages within a chapter to have their timestamp updated from a single option in the overflow menu. Prior to this, if you wanted all passages in a chapter that you were reading to show up in “Recent Selections”, you had to update each one individually. Now the entire chapter can be updated with two clicks.

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