Bible Annotator: Free Trial and Amazon News

There are now 4 different varieties of Bible Annotator.
1. Full Version on the Google Play Store
2. Free 30 Day Trial on Google Play Store
3. Full Version on Amazon Appstore
4. Free 30 Day Trial on Amazon Appstore

The difference between the “Full” and “30 Day Free Trial” is that the 30 day trial does not allow data import. Other than that, it does everything that the full version does for 30 days. After the 30 days is up, it still works as an offline KJV Bible reader, with all your annotations intact and usable. However, after the 30 days is up, you cannot make any new annotations. If you want to continue making annotations at that point, all you need to do is buy the full version, export your data from the trial version, and import it into the full version (that way you will have all your annotations from the trial period stored in your full version).

The difference between the Google Play and Amazon versions is one penny for the full version (no difference for the free trial). I wanted to charge $3.00 for both versions. Amazon was OK with that, so their version is $3.00. Google play won’t let me charge $3.00 – when I set the price to $3.00, they change it to $2.99. Hence the penny difference.

To get a pretty good idea what Bible Annotator does (and how to use it), watch this video. After the video was made, I also added data export/import capabilities, as described elsewhere in this blog.

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